Frequently Asked Questions...

  Below are some of the common questions asked by our customers. If you still have concerns or questions after reading this section feel free to use the "ContactUs" link and fill out the appropriate form. We will continue to add or update this FAQ when we feel it's necessary or when we find customers are frequently asking us a particular question.

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Do you offer online or phone estimates?
How quickly can you provide an estimate?
Is the estimate written in stone?
Will painting my home be expensive?
Should I be concerned about Lead?
What happens if Lead is found?
How soon will you begin the job?
How long will it take to finish the job?
Can you match my existing colors?
What brand or quality of paint do you use?
Do I go purchase the paint or will you do that?
Do you spray or brush and roll?
Will you do wall repairs?
What about all my furniture?
How long will it take for the paint to dry?
What other services do you offer?
Do you require a deposit?
Do you accept credit cards?